The syllable 'Om', symbolizes awakened form. It usually begins Tibetan mantras. Perhaps the world's most famous sacred syllable from Asia, there are many interpretations of its meaning according to different religions and different school's of thought within each religion - all agree that it has a positive affect in some way.

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Yoga is ... an invitation to surrender in the mirror of action
Godfrey Devereux





John McEvoy, known as Mac, has been practising yoga since 1995, studying intensively with a number of leading teachers including Derek Ireland, John Scott, Shandor Remete and, since 2000, Godfrey Devereux.

In November 2003 he attended a seminar in Kerala with the renowned Advaita teacher, Ramesh Balsekar, who shook things up!

He has been teaching since the start of 2004 and is an accredited teacher of Godfrey's Dynamic Yoga method.

He focuses on using Godfrey's Dynamic Method to bring students, of all levels of ability, and from all yoga disciplines, rapidly to a deepened awareness of their inner nature.