The syllable 'Om', symbolizes awakened form. It usually begins Tibetan mantras. Perhaps the world's most famous sacred syllable from Asia, there are many interpretations of its meaning according to different religions and different school's of thought within each religion - all agree that it has a positive affect in some way.

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All students new to the Dynamic Method should attend this course.

If you are new to yoga it awakens awareness of breath and body. For all students it clarifies the links between movement, breath and foundation and introduces the spirallic dynamic of the bandhas.


For students who have completed the Introductory course, this concentrates on awakening awareness of the spirallic dynamic of the bandhas throughout the body, demonstrating how this can be invited both structurally, through posture, and directly from the breath.


For students who have completed the Dynamic course, this focuses on integrating the structural dynamic of the bandhas into the yoga postures and provides a basis for developing one's own practice.